Peruvian mayor with no other assets linked to offshore bank account

El Comercio newspaper reports on the case of the mayor of Rímac, a district to the north of Lima, Peru’s capital city.

Despite not having a house, car, savings or other assets to his name, mayor Enrique Peramás owns a bank account with an online bank based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, according to documents obtained by El Comercio.

Specifically, the documents show payments made to an offshore account Peramás owns at Loyal Bank from a second offshore account in Panama.

The head of Peru´s Financial Intelligence Unit is quoted saying: “we could say that this procedure was used to disguise the money trail, what we usually call money-laundering.”

The documents show that the deposits – the newspaper could not ascertain their amount – were made by a company called Teleféricos SAC, which is charged with building a cable railway in Lima.

In 2012 and 2013, Peramás had unsuccessfully pressured the municipality of Lima for the cable railway to go through Rímac.

Since joining the public sector, according to his asset declarations the mayor´s wealth has gone down, from the equivalent of 36 thousand euros in real estate and 50 thousand in savings in 2007 to zero in real estate holdings and just 3.600 soles (less than a thousand euros) in savings in 2014. His wife, meanwhile, has an apartment and two houses to her name.

For the full story in El Comercio please see here. (in Spanish)

Hat tip: @srotta


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