“Judicial question time” in Hong Kong with offshore judges from Bermuda, Cayman and BVI

Via the Bermuda Royal Gazette:

Judges from various secrecy jurisdictions including Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Singapore and the Cayman Islands attended a conference in Hong Kong on “insolvency and corporate rescue”, dealing with “business failure in the substantial investment structures using offshore companies as a platform for investing in China.”

The conference program for the one-day meeting says “We expect this specialist meeting will appeal to both offshore firms in the Caribbean and those with offices in Hong Kong as well as Chinese lawyers and accountants with interests in this area.”

And in the upside-down offshore world, judges answer questions instead of asking them. The Gazette article continues:

“Justice Kawaley appeared on a ‘Judicial Question Time’ panel, alongside judges from China (the mainland and Hong Kong) and Singapore, as well as from the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands.”

Based on a quick search on travel websites, flying from the Caribbean to Hong Kong one way takes up to 40 hours including 2 layovers in the US. If there´s ever a contest to explain the race to the bottom and offshore state capture in a tweet, here´s my submission in advance:

“Offshore judges fly 40 hs to take questions from lawfirms and accountants in Hong Kong”

For more on the harmful effects of regulation competition between offshore jurisdictions please see the Tax Justice Network´s website.


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