UK minister: Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories “at the forefront” of global tax transparency

Media in Guernsey and Jersey have picked up on comments to Parliament made by Minister David Gauke on March 4th:

“Following Prime Minister David Cameron’s declaration last year that the islands were not tax havens, the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke, has described the islands as being ‘at the forefront’ globally on the agenda for tax transparency.

Mr Gauke made his comments in answering a written question in the House of Commons when he highlighted the strides taken by the Crown Dependencies.

‘All of the UK’s Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories with financial centres have taken significant steps forward on tax transparency, putting them at the forefront of this agenda globally,’ he said.”

The written comments to Parliament are available here (search for “Bermuda”). Gauke was answering a question by Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell who asked that the Chancellor of the Exchequer “take steps to ensure that Bermuda receives public recognition and credit for its open and honest compliance with his Department’s request for taxation transparency and reform”.

According to his personal website, Rosindell is “known as one of Westminster’s more patriotic M.P.s” who “works with the British Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies, and Commonwealth Realms.”

Media in Bermuda do not seem to have covered these comments yet.


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