February’s Taxcast: Automatic exchange analysis, Bahamas citizens fight back and more

In the February 2014 Taxcast: Are European tax havens getting ‘illegal state subsidies’? The European Union’s Competition Commissioner thinks so. Are the world’s tax havens really going to become more transparent? We analyse the OECD’s automatic information exchange proposal, warts and all. And, the tax haven of the Bahamas is broke – the government’s solution? Tax the poor! We look at the Bahamian campaign against a Value Added Tax and their demands for a freedom of information act.
‘We ask ourselves the question as the every day citizens of this country – how is it that these corporations are making so much money but at the same time getting so much concessions and then on top of that not paying their share?’ Deran Thompson of Citizens for a Better Bahamas

Featuring Nick Shaxson of the Tax Justice Network and author of the book ‘Treasure Islands’, tax justice campaigner Richard Murphy, Deran Thompson of www.citizensforabetterbahamas.org, concerned Bahamian Scott Griffin and protest track ‘No VAT Tax’ by Mr J. (Full video and track available here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh9nVG5QFu8 )

Youtube link: http://youtu.be/NpUKByYTKwk


Produced by Naomi Fowler (@Naomi_Fowler) and highly recommended! 


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