Bermuda: Pro-offshore campaign “Everybody’s Business” launches

“International Business leaders in Bermuda have launched a campaign titled “Everybody’s Business” to help educate Bermudians about the importance of international business to all sectors of the community.”

“Designed to inspire island residents with the knowledge that, working together, they can help attract new business to the island and have a positive impact on the economy, the campaign will explain the interconnectedness of the island’s international businesses sector—dominated by insurance and reinsurance companies—with jobs in all industries.”

“It will seek to encourage Bermudians to improve service and hospitality in the face of increasing competition for international business from other countries. Multiple initiatives designed to drive business into Bermuda will also be discussed.”

Campaign sponsors include the Bermuda Business Development Agency and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Via the Bermuda Sun and the Royal Gazette.

For context, Bermuda’s economy has not grown for five years: a report published in November 2013 found that pension funds are underfunded by USD 3 billion, while youth unemployment is at 36%.

See also: the Finance curse.


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