A Dialogue with Delaware



“Delaware is the leading jurisdiction for publicly traded corporations listed on U.S. stock exchanges. More than half of such corporations (including 64% of Fortune 500 companies) have chosen to incorporate in Delaware. Delaware is also the leading jurisdiction for out-of-state incorporations, where a corporation headquartered in one state chooses to incorporate in another state.”

New York Times op-ed:

Delaware, Den of Thieves?


“Delaware has a comprehensive statutory and regulatory regime to protect the public from improper behavior by business entities, just like other states.”

“Delaware is one of many states that actively cooperate with federal and international regulatory agencies.”

New York Times op-ed:

“My agency has a financial crimes investigation. The money trail leads to the American state of Delaware. We can’t get any information and don’t know what to do. We are going to have to close our investigation. Can you help?”

The question embarrassed me. There was nothing I could do.


“Delaware has reigned over the American corporate law landscape for more than 100 years.”

New York Times op-ed:

While officials in Delaware, Wyoming and Nevada talk about their corporate “traditions,” I am unimpressed.


“Now, [Delaware has] got a new program for world domination.

The state Tuesday launched a new website in 10 languages outlining the advantages for international companies of incorporating in Delaware.”

Global Financial Integrity:

Great news! Now you can set up a #Delaware #phantomfirm and launder money in ten languages! Criminals, rejoice!

hat tips: @Phantom_Firm @GFI_Tweets


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