TJN Taxcast and BEPs consultation meeting

Please see below the links to the most recent edition of the TJN Taxcast, by kind permission of producer Naomi Fowler. Highly recommended: The special feature on multinational accounting, for example, explains why the ongoing OECD consultation on the international tax system (known as BEPs – there is a public consultation meeting in Paris today and tomorrow which can be followed live) is so important for development and tax fairness.

Already looking forward to the November edition!

In the October 2013 Taxcast: Swiss villagers send some of profit shifting mining giant GlencoreXstrata’s money to humanitarian projects, tax havens do some window dressing and how many sets of accounts does a multinational corporation REALLY need to file their tax returns? The David and Goliath story of tax collection – even for the United States.

Produced by @Naomi_Fowler for the Tax Justice Network. Taxcast Home site:




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