British Virgin Islands: BVI Beacon readers respond to polls on tax and secrecy

The BVI Beacon is a useful online media resource for the British Virgin Islands; for example it has recently included coverage of a major international bribery case and of FATCA.

The Beacon also regularly carries out online polls on various issues; below are the results for the available polls referring to tax and secrecy. Given the scarcity of relevant information on public opinion in tax havens, I hope these are of interest despite the low response rates.

– In early September, referring to the decision by France to blacklist BVI as a tax haven, the Beacon asked its readers how they thought the BVI would be affected. Out of 93 voters, 34% chose “not at all”, 51% chose “moderately” or “minimally” and only 14% said “severely”.

– In June, the poll asked if the BVI should sign on to automatic information exchange: out of 47 voters, 57% said “no”.

– In April, just after Offshore leaks the question was “Amidst the international scrutiny that the Virgin Islands’ reputation faces due to a massive disclosure of financial services data, do you believe the owners of VI-companies should be kept secret?” Out of 68 voters, 52.9% said yes to keeping secrecy.


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