Cayman Islands news: Britain approves Cayman fiscal plan, financial industry input to govt revenue plan

Britain approves Cayman Islands fiscal plan : “Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office has approved the Cayman Islands government’s four-year fiscal plan covering the years 2013/14 to 2016/17. In a letter dated 22 August 2013, the United Kingdom’s Minister for Overseas Territories Mark Simmonds wrote to Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin giving his approval for the plan, which the government submitted on 15 August 2013.”

Financial services industry responds to government consultation : “The Cayman Islands government has received 11 responses from the financial services industry, including one from the Chamber of Commerce, to its July 16 consultation paper on possible revisions to recent revenue measures.”

Via Compass Cayman and the Cayman government facebook page. I haven’t been able to find the consultation paper nor the responses on government websites yet. It could have been interesting to get some international civil society input to the consultation.



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