Switzerland now vulnerable to blackmail? plus upcoming debate on financial services in Jersey

Switzerland now vulnerable to blackmail on tax issues,claims Swiss financial newspaper

“The categorical No has been softened”


Referring to an inheritance tax agreement with France signed in July 2013, the editor of the publication “Finance and Economy” Peter Morf argues that Switzerland has become vulnerable to “blackmail”.

“The Swiss Parliament has too hastily agreed to the deal with France…France has imposed “power politics” because it is bigger than Switzerland.”

“Who yields to threats as rapidly as Switzerland has opens the doors to new demands, blackmail even.”

“This leads to unpleasant perspectives”.

It could be interesting to have a tax justice campaigner present at this event in Jersey:


“Simon Nixon, the founder of Moneysupermarket.com, who is one of the Island’s newest residents, will be a star panellist in next month’s annual debate staged by the Jersey branch of the Institute of Directors.”

“The expert panel of speakers, which will include Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf, will discuss how Jersey should position itself in order to remain a successful jurisdiction for international financial services.”


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