Gibraltar: Online gaming industry considering legal action against UK over tax?

Gibraltar has been in the news over the last couple of weeks, partly because of delays during border controls leading to diplomatic sparring between the UK and Spain, and partly because of a new proposed tax on its online gaming industry.

According to the Gibraltar Chronicle, the online gaming industry is considering legal action against this “unpopular” tax, with the support of the Gibraltar government:

“…the question of a legal challenge against the UK move continues to be considered by all affected parties in Gibraltar.”

“…the Gibraltar Government last night made clear it remained a priority to “address the design and impact of this legislation” on the Rock.”

Clive Hawkswood, chief executive of the Remote Gambling Association said: “We knew it was coming … The focus for us now is on trying to get the actual rate of the tax reduced.”

The Remote Gambling Association website (“Safe, Fun, Fair, Honest”) includes a fact sheet on taxation which states:

“The Members of the RGA are remote gambling companies with European and sometimes other licences who operate in a highly competitive international environment. Their business models have been developed to provide maximum value for consumers and do not provide margins for high levels of taxation.”



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