Who this blog is for and why I hope it will be useful

This blog is for anyone interested in tax havens – also known as secrecy jurisdictions – and their links to poverty, corruption, crime and tax evasion. 

The decisions made by governments in tax havens respond to many international factors including competition with other tax havens, changes in US and EU legislation, guidelines published by bodies such as the OECD and (hopefully) pressure from global civil society. But they are also influenced by local political dynamics, which includes constant lobbying by foreign banks, accountants and lawfirms whose business models depend on providing offshore services.     

My goal with this blog is to help keep track of local media and politics in tax havens, both to see how they respond to international developments and to try and better understand how the different local scenes work.

The Tax Justice Network (http://taxjustice.blogspot.com/) lists over 70 secrecy jurisdictions, so keeping up with the media in all of them could turn out to be quite a challenge. My initial approach will be to visit at least 10 news sources a day, and to start out by focusing on the smaller jurisdictions as there is regular media coverage of developments in larger secrecy locations such as the UK, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

I’ve already posted a first set of links today, and have also set up an excel file with links to online news sources for the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jersey, Guernsey, Bahrain and the British Virgin Islands.


Here we go, wish me luck!    


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